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Faculty Grievance Committee


The purpose of the Faculty Grievance Committee is to conduct inquiries into faculty grievances and to make recommendations. It is not to create policy. The committee shall have the authority to conduct inquiries into faculty grievances and to present to the Provost its recommendations.

Membership (effective August 2017)

The committee shall consist of 30 members, with the colleges and the Library represented in the following proportions:  five members each from Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, Education, and Business Administration; three members each from Health and Human Sciences and Engineering and Information Technology; two members each from the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, and the Library.  Any non-temporary  full-time faculty member who will have completed a minimum of three years as a full-time faculty member at the University at the time of assuming membership on the committee is eligible for election.  Academic department chairs, division directors, interim department chairs, or other individuals who are one-third or more on administrative time are not eligible for election to or service on the Faculty Grievance Committee.  Annually, at the earliest convenient time following August 1, the elected members of the committee shall select a chair from among their membership.  Terms of memberships shall be two years, beginning and terminating on August 1.  An individual may be re-elected to an unlimited number of successive terms. (Paraphrased from the Georgia Southern University Faculty Grievance Policy and Procedures.)

M. Rocio Alba-Flores (2018), CEIT

Gustavo Molina (2018), CEIT

Salman Siddiqui (2018), CEIT

Knicole Lee (2019), CHHS

Diana Sturges (2018), CHHS

John Peden (2018), CHHS

Laura Agnich (2018), CLASS

David Dudley  (2018), CLASS

Laurie Gould (2019), CLASS

Sarah McCarroll (2019), CLASS

Tom Pearsall (2018), CLASS

John Barkoulas (2019), COBA

Kathleen Gruben (2018), COBA

Hsiang-Jui Kung (2018), COBA

Xinfang Wang (2018), COBA

Rongrong Zhang (2018), COBA

Sally Brown (2018), COE

Greg Chamblee, (2018), COE

Marla Morris (2019), COE

Dawn Tysinger (2018), COE

John Weaver (2019), COE

Jacqueline Hoell (2019), COSM

Michele McGibony (2018), COSM

Marshall Ransom (2018), COSM

John Stone, (2018) COSM

Mark Welford (2019), COSM

Bettye Apenteng (2019), JPHCOPH

Yelena Tarasenko (2018), JPHCOPH

Lori Gwinett (2019), LIBRARY

Jessica Minihan (2018), LIBRARY

Archived Documents

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