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Georgia Southern University Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline

Georgia Southern University recognizes that an ethical, efficient, and effective work environment is essential to successfully accomplish our mission. As a result, we have always placed a high priority on assuring that each member of our university community has the opportunity and means to convey any matter that could compromise that environment.  While Georgia Southern University has many systems of checks and balances to guard against inappropriate actions by its employees, no system can guard against all wrongdoing. Therefore, in cooperation with the Board of Regents, the University provides a hotline as one way through which faculty and staff may report apparent incidents of wrongdoing on campus that need to be addressed.

The Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline allows concerns to be reported confidentially by phone or on-line.  The hotline does not replace the existing reporting mechanisms, including reporting concerns to an employee’s supervisor, but rather serves as an additional reporting option.   For more information on existing reporting mechanisms, please see Georgia Southern University’s Non-Retaliation/Whistle-blower policy (policy #2576).  Georgia Southern University’s existing procedures will remain in place for anyone wishing to pursue reports or complaints through established channels. You can continue to report improper activities through your supervisor, or reports may be made directly to the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office, Office of Legal Affairs, or Human Resources.

If you wish to make a report through the University’s hotline, please call 1-877-516-3445 or click on the link below:

The University’s hotline is anonymous and is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  This is not a 911 or emergency service. If you require immediate assistance, please contact your local authorities.

What would you like to do?

Report a Concern

Follow Up on a Reported Concern

Reports involving allegations of harassment and/or discrimination that fall within Georgia Southern University’s EEO/AA Policy as well as its Harassment Policy should be reported directly to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX  in keeping with that policy.

Other Types of Reporting

If you wish to make other kinds of reports through the University, you should contact one of the following offices:

Equal Opportunity & Title IX 

Human Resources

Office of Legal Affairs

Reporting Through the University System of Georgia

If you wish to make a report through the University System of Georgia, you should contact one of the following offices:

USG Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline

USG Vice Chancellor for Internal Audit and Chief Audit Officer

USG Legal Affairs Office

USG Assistant Vice Chancellor of Ethics & Compliance

Last updated: 8/4/2021