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Conflicts of Interest / Conflicts of Commitment

An employee of the University System shall not engage in any occupation, pursuit, or endeavor which will interfere with the regular and punctual discharge of official duties.

All full-time faculty, administrators, and other professional staff members employed by an institution of the University System are expected to give full professional effort to their assignments of teaching, research, and service.

Professional employees are encouraged to participate in professional activity that does not interfere with the regular and punctual discharge of official duties provided the activity meets one of the following criteria: (1) is a means of personal professional development; (2) serves the community, state or nation; or (3) is consistent with the objectives of the institution.

For all activities, except single-occasion activities, the employee shall report in writing through official channels the proposed arrangements and secure the approval of the President or his/her designee prior to engaging in the activities. Such activities include consulting, teaching, speaking, and participating in business or service enterprises.

Disclosure forms – under development.  Please send an email to your supervisor with all relevant information.

Georgia Southern’s Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Board of Regents Ethics Policy

Last updated: 4/29/2021