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State Business Transaction Disclosures

Each year, all public employees and officials are required to file a report disclosing any business transactions entered into with the State of Georgia or any agency of the State of Georgia over the past calendar year.  The report must be filed by January 31 and should include all transactions entered into by the public employee on their own behalf OR on behalf of any entity in which the employee, employee’s spouse, or employee’s dependents hold a substantial interest.  Transactions do not have to be reported if each individual transaction amounted to less than $250.00 and the aggregate of all transactions over the past year amount to $9,000.00 or less.  If you had no transactions with the State besides your employment at Georgia Southern, you DO NOT need to file a report.

The process has been moved online.  You will not need to file a paper form.  Instructions for online reporting are found here. Note that it is necessary to obtain a filer ID and password by email before you will be able to file.  If you have filed electronically in the past, your old filer ID and password should still work.  Detailed instructions for completing the report are found here.  Please file your report directly online.  It is not necessary to provide the Office of Legal Affairs or the Office of Risk & Compliance with a copy of the report.

Please note that staff members earning personal compensation by teaching courses will need to report the teaching transactions.  When prompted in the reporting form, you should cite O.C.G.A. section 45-10-25(a)(15) as the exception that allows this kind of teaching.  In addition, please make sure you have completed the Employee Compensation Agreement Form for this semester, documenting that your teaching responsibilities will not detract from your full-time job.

If you have questions about this requirement, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at 912-478-7481 or the Director of Risk & Compliance at 912-478-5521.

Last updated: 6/4/2021