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University Athletics Committee


The responsibilities of the University Athletics Committee include the following:

  • serve as an advisory group to the President and the Director of Athletics on matters relating to athletics, emphasizing the student-athlete experience, with particular focus on academics and student wellness;
  • serve as a liaison, through its elected members, between athletics and the constituencies of the university community those members represent;
  • through the institutional NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), provide a written report to the Senate on all infractions of NCAA rules and regulations which are reported to the NCAA;
  • recommend policy and procedures for aspects of intercollegiate athletics related to academics and student wellness;
  • address other specific questions through its representatives from each college, the library, and the Senate;
  • report to the President of the University regarding any significant issues.
  • Membership: Voting membership of the Athletics Committee shall be composed of the Athletic Director, Vice President for Business and Finance (or designee thereof), Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee thereof),  Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence (or designee thereof), one faculty senator, one faculty member elected by and representing each college and the Library, the SGA President (or designee thereof), the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) President; and the institutional NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative. The chair will be recommended by the Athletics Committee to the President, and the President will appoint the chair. Terms are two years, beginning and ending on August 1.

Membership (effective August 2023)

Chris Kadlec (2025), AEPCECJared Benko, Director, Athletics
Sarah McCarroll (2024), CAHVice President for Business and Finance (or designee thereof)
Alice Hall (2024), CBSSVice President for Student Affairs (or designee thereof)
Weikang Wang (2025), PCOBAVP for Inclusive Excellence (or designee thereof)
Dan Calhoun (2024), COEChris Geyerman, NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA
Christine Whitlock (2025), COSMBlake Robinson, SGA President
Jessica Garner (2024), LIBRARIES Isabel Ptacek, Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) President
Logan Cowan (2025), JPHCOPHChris Hanna, Faculty Senator
Hal Wilson (2024), WCHP







2001 – 2017

20018/31 9/2610/2612/7    
20021/252/25 3/294/268/279/2710/2512/4
2005 1/272/244/88/259/2810/2611/30 
20131/232/27 4/248/289/2510/3011/20
2014 2/26 3/26 8/289/2510/3011/20  
2015 1/292/263/264/238/279/2810/2611/30
2016  1/272/243/304/208/31 9/2810/2711/30
20171/252/223/294/26 8/31   

Last updated: 10/17/2023