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Working together as agents for meaningful change – April 20, 2021

Dear Eagle Nation:

On June 1, 2020, we sent a message to all members of our community acknowledging the anger, hurt, and fear that many were feeling in the wake of the tragic events of the killing of George Floyd. Our hearts were heavy then with the somber reminder of the senseless violence that impacts so many members of our Georgia Southern family. Today, as we reflect on the verdict of the Chauvin trial, we are reminded of our institutional commitment and the importance of continuing our work in equity and inclusion.

As an institution dedicated to Inclusive Excellence, we will continue to take measures to stand up for our shared values, and for one another. We will remain united in our resolve to address injustices and hatred in our community. We will continue to learn, grow, and lead in an increasingly diverse and global society, working together as agents for meaningful change in our communities.

As we come together to heal, this is a clarion call to continue our efforts to promote a welcoming environment at Georgia Southern where each and every voice is heard, where individuals feel valued and respected, and where we all strive to achieve Inclusive Excellence, together.


Dr. Kyle Marrero

Dr. Carl Reiber
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Last updated: 4/2/2022