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Sexual Assault/Sexual Misconduct Reporting Options

Reporting Options

If someone has experienced sexual misconduct, they can report directly to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX. Reports filed through this office are separate from any law enforcement reports which may or may not have been filed. Individuals who report to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX will also be informed of how to file a report with law enforcement, if they choose to do so.

Employees who learn that someone has experienced sexual misconduct MUST report all information known to them to the Title IX Coordinator. See the link below to file an online report.

Responsible Employees

Those employees who must promptly and fully report complaints of or information regarding sexual misconduct to the Coordinator. Responsible Employees include any administrator, supervisor, faculty member, or other person in a position of authority who is not a Confidential Employee or Privileged Employee. Student employees who serve in a supervisory, advisory, or managerial role are in a position of authority for purposes of the Sexual Misconduct Policy (e.g. teaching assistants, residential assistants, student managers, orientation leaders).

How to File a Sexual Misconduct Report

While there is no statute of limitations on an institution’s ability to respond to a report, the ability to respond diminishes with time as information and evidence may be more difficult to secure.

  1. Complete the online form Request Support & Assistance
  2. Contact the Title IX Coordinator at (912) 478-5136 or

On Campus Confidential Reporting Options

Counseling Center

Statesboro Campus: (912) 478-5541

Armstrong Campus: (912) 344-2529

Health Services

Statesboro Campus: (912) 478-5841

Armstrong Campus: (912) 961-5726

Off Campus Confidential Reporting Options

Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault Center/Teal House (Statesboro)

866-489-2225 (24 hours)

Mary’s Place of the Coastal Empire (Armstrong/Liberty)

(912) 233-7273 (Crisis line)

(912) 233-3000 (Office line)

Non-confidential Reporting Options

Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX

Amber Culpepper, J.D. – Title IX Coordinator

(912) 478-5136

Request Support & Assistance

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Mark Whitesel, Associate Dean for Student Care and Well-Being

(912) 344-2514

Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Athletics)

Brandy Clouse, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Sports Medicine/Senior Woman Administrator

(912) 478-7581

University Police

Statesboro Campus: (912) 478-5234/911

Armstrong/Liberty Campus: (912) 344-3333/911

Anonymous Reports

Reports through the Title IX/Sexual Misconduct or Discrimination form can be made anonymously. Incidents may be reported without disclosing one’s name or identifying the Respondent, or by requesting no action be taken. However, this may limit the institution’s ability to respond to the anonymous report.

Please note: Responsible Employees must disclose all information shared with them and are not able to submit anonymous reports.


Individuals should be encouraged to come forward and to report Sexual Misconduct notwithstanding their choice to consume alcohol and or to use drugs. Information reported by a student during an investigation concerning the consumption of drugs or alcohol will not be used against the particular student in a disciplinary proceeding or voluntarily reported to law enforcement; however, students may be provided with resources on drug and alcohol counseling and/or education, as appropriate.

Confidentiality v. Privacy

Confidentiality and privacy are different. Confidentiality is limited to someone who, by law, can keep information confidential. Information communicated to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX or other Responsible Employees will be kept private and shared only with university employees who need to be involved in responding to or addressing a report. Relevant information collected during an investigation will be shared with the Complainant (person who experienced the conduct), Respondent (person who is alleged to have engaged in the conduct), and their advisors (if applicable) in the investigation report.

Health Services and the Counseling Center are the primary designated on-campus confidential resources where you can learn about support and options. Other university employees who are not confidential resources – including the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX – will protect the privacy of your report to the extent possible under the circumstances.

See also our Complainant Information Brochure.

Last updated: 10/14/2022