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Campus Climate Survey

Goal 1 of the Inclusive Excellence Action Plan is to create an equitable and inclusive environment for all. Strategy 1-A, Action 4, states that we will “Establish a regular schedule for conducting full institutional climate surveys to assess needs and concerns related to Inclusive Excellence.” Strategy 1-B, Action 4, is to share these results to promote transparency. To achieve Goal 1, the Office of Inclusive Excellence oversaw the distribution of a campus-wide climate survey in November of 2020. The next Campus Climate Survey is scheduled to roll out in October, 2022.

The results of the November 2020 Climate Survey are available via MyGeorgiaSouthern under the “Performance Excellence” tab. The survey results will inform critical areas of intervention by illuminating your views on workplace environment, equity, fairness and partiality. Most importantly, it will help us focus on Georgia Southern’s greatest needs in creating an equitable and inclusive environment. The survey was completed by over 5,219 faculty, staff and students across the Armstrong, Statesboro and Liberty campuses!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is campus climate?
Campus climate describes our living and learning environment, including the level of equity and respect among our students, faculty and staff.
Why is the university conducting campus climate surveys?
We are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus for our entire community and conducting regular campus climate surveys provides us with up-to-date information to fully understand the experiences, needs and perspectives of our faculty, staff and students.
Why should I participate in climate surveys?
Your participation is vital in helping us create an inclusive, diverse and safe community. We must work together to combat hate and create a welcoming campus for all. This confidential survey is how you can get involved and help shape the culture of our institution.
How will the information from climate surveys be used?
A comprehensive understanding of the university’s campus climate is a priority for the university’s leadership. This confidential survey will be used to help inform and shape policies and practices that promote a safe and welcoming campus.
How will I know my responses are confidential and not tied to me?
All information regarding campus climate surveys will be kept confidential according to legal and ethical guidelines. No comments will be attributed to you by name in any reports on this study. You may be identified by category (e.g., student, faculty, staff). Only de-identified data will be included in any reports.    

Last updated: 7/7/2021