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Eagle Talks

Mission Statement

Eagle Talks was created to provide a platform for students to meet, converse, and share knowledge with their fellow Eagles. Our goal is for Eagle Talks to be a space that is conducive to open, honest communication about topics that directly and indirectly impact the Georgia Southern community. By including faculty and staff experts in our discussions, we aim to help students broaden their understanding of each other and turn their conversations into actions. 


Eagle Talks is a student-led adaptation of Courageous Conversations, which is designed to provide a safe space that is conducive to open, honest, and authentic dialogue about difficult but relevant topics that impact the Georgia Southern community. These monthly discussions are student-centered and student-facilitated. Each event welcomes participation from topical experts, faculty, staff, and other leaders who can help students understand the depth of these topics as well as direct them to on- and off-campus resources. 

Schedule of Topics

TopicLocationDateRegistration Link
Civility: What does it mean to be civil in and outside of the workplace?Russell Union Room 2042 & ZoomThursday, October 21, 2021Register Here

Upcoming Event: Thursday, October, 21st

Civility Statement

Eagle Talks is an event designed to harbor a safe place for civil discourse and engagement of different ideas that encourages learning and freedom of expression. Civility is a critical component of Eagle Talks events because it helps maintain a standard of courtesy and respect for ourselves and our fellow Eagles who chose to participate. Actions that are considered uncivil or disruptive include but are not limited to: 

  • Persistent interruption of others
  • Disrespectful actions or speech
  • Disruptful behaviors that inhibit others’ ability to learn
  • Physical threats, harassment, or speech considered threatening
  • Refusal to comply with moderators’ response for appropriate behavior
  • Inability to listen to constructive feedback

Acting in any way that disregards the Eagle Talks Civility Statement will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the discussion. 

Important Information

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