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Young Professionals ERG


The Young Professionals Employee Resource Group (YP-ERG) is to be a strategic partner with the Office of Inclusive Excellence at Georgia Southern University and shall exist solely to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion among young faculty and staff.


The Young Professionals ERG will advance the understanding and inclusion of employees with common backgrounds, sets of interests and goals. The vision, mission, goals, policies and activities of the Young Professionals ERG are fully aligned with those of Georgia Southern University. The Young Professionals ERG will exist to (1) connect young faculty and staff together to foster professional networking; (2) establish programs and activities aligned with the mission of the Young Professionals ERG; and (3) provide employees opportunities to develop and grow.

To read our 2021-2022 Charter, please click here!

Membership Eligibility

Any employee at Georgia Southern University who is 40 years old or younger shall be eligible for membership in this ERG.

Leadership Team

Name Email Address
Annalee Ashley (Executive Sponsor)
Jacquelyn Mesenbrink (Co-Chair)
Tanner Perfect (Co-Chair)
Kyra Larry (Steering Committee)
Ryan Moguel (Steering Committee)
Tajae Francis (Steering Committee)
Jelisa Bass (Steering Committee)


Tuesday, May 17, 2022
General Spring MeetingMeeting LinkTBA
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Navigating as a Young
Professional in Academia
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Last updated: 5/17/2022