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President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC)

The President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC) provides a student perspective on University policies and practices, campus climate, and university-wide events. PSAC was created to promote active, ongoing engagement and discussions between student representatives and the President, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence.

Council Members

Oluwatomisin Arokodare
Major(s): Information Technology
Minor(s): N/A
Organization(s): Student Government Association (SGA)
Jalyn Austin
Major(s): Computer Science
Minor(s): N/A
Organization(s): NAACP – Armstrong
Jill King
Major(s): Psychology
Minor(s): N/A
Organization(s): Students with Disabilities Advocacy Group (SDAG)
Gabrielle Nascimento
Major(s): Medical Laboratory Science
Minor(s): Health Informatics
Organization(s): Caribbean Student Association (CSA)
Jason Nolton Jr.
Major(s): Health Science | Concentration in Human Performance and Fitness Management
Minor(s): N/A
Organization(s): Collegiate 100 (C100 – Armstrong)
Alex Reece
Major(s): Biochemistry | Writing and Linguistics | Pre-Med Track
Minor(s): Biology | French
Organization(s): Student Veterans of America (SVA – Statesboro)
Cayla Thomas
Major(s): MBA, Cert in Logistics and Transportation
Minor(s): N/A
Organization(s): Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

Last updated: 9/26/2023