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Professional Development

The Office of Legal Affairs offer Professional Development Trainings to empower students, faculty, and staff to acknowledge and appreciate legal terminology along with its interpretations. Trainings also equip campus community with an awareness of the legal services and litigation support available through the Georgia Southern Office of Legal Affairs. Live-training opportunities are available upon request. On-Demand trainings are also accessible with passcode clearance. Request a live-training for your group or request the access code for an On-Demand training via Legal Help Desk Ticket.

Legal Affairs Boot Camp (LABC)

Spring 2021: LABC is ON-DEMAND!!!

The Spring 2021 LABC seminars will not be live sessions. The Office of Legal Affairs Professional Development webpage will feature 1 pre-recorded Zoom session per week for 7 weeks for the Spring 2021 Legal Affairs Boot Camp. Register for each featured session via GoSignMeUp to receive log-in credentials and to receive the Certificate of Completion at the end of Boot Camp. Live-Virtual Q&A forums are set up at the end of each LABC week to address all legal questions. Register for the forums via a Legal Helpdesk Ticket.

Spring 2021 Legal Bootcamp (LABC) Schedule

Episode#LABC TitleWeek ofQ&A Session
LABC 1 SPR21Foundations of Higher Education LawMarch 15th March 19th @ 1pm
LABC 2 SPR21Student Legal IssuesMarch 22nd March 26th @ 1pm
LABC 3 SPR21Employee Legal Issues March 29th April 2nd @ 1pm
LABC 4 SPR21Civil Rights LawApril 5th April 9th @ 1pm
LABC 5 SPR21Free ExpressionApril 12th April 16th @ 9:30am
LABC 6 SPR21Data & Intellectual
April 19th April 23rd @ 1pm
LABC 7 SPR21Campus SafetyApril 26th April 30th @ 9:30am

Spring 2021 Legal Affairs Boot Camp: Week 7

Campus Safety, April 26th – April 30th

(Click the image below to begin On-Demand Session. Log-in credentials are in your registration confirmation email.)

Spring LABC 7: Campus Safety

Training Course Descriptions

All courses are eligible for Professional Development credit. Click here for further information.

Campus Safety

Training will cover issues of general safety such as ADA Considerations, Assessing Threats, and Campus Bans. Bring your questions regarding general campus safety or any previous session within the series.
[LABC Course # 7]

Civil Rights Law

Training will cover the protected rights of the campus community.
[LABC Course #4]

Data & Intellectual Property

Training will cover issues and best practices related to Data and Intellectual Property. Topics include: Copyright Issues; Employee Privacy; and Social Media.
[LABC Course #6]

Employee Legal Issues

Training will cover legal topics specific to the employee. Topics include: Liability Issues; FMLA; and Immigration.
[LABC Course #3]


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is federal legislation in the United States that protects the privacy of students’ personally identifiable information applicable to all educational institutions that receive federal funds.  This training equips faculty and staff on how to handle student data confidentiality within legal compliance.

First Amendment

The five basic freedoms of the First Amendment: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Assemble Peaceably, & Freedom to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances are reviewed for relevance to the campus community.

Foundations of Higher Education Law

Training will cover basic legal rules and hot topics practiced within Higher Education.
[LABC Course # 1]

Gender and the Law

Training will review emerging issues and legal challenges impacting transgender students and employees. 

Free Expression

Training will cover issues and analysis under Academic Freedom, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Religion.
[LABC Course #5]

Robert Rules of Order

A Guide for conducting meetings and making decisions as a group.  Robert Rules of Order protect the rights of committee members, promotes full and free discussion, and protects against instability, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness.

Student Legal Issues

Training will cover legal topics specific to the student. Topics include: Academic Issues, Housing, and Student Discipline
[LABC Course #2]

On-Demand Trainings

Series#On-Demand SessionsPDCResources
LABC 1 FALL20Foundations of Higher Education Law*2.0
LABC 2 FALL20Student Legal Issues*2.0
LABC 3 FALL20Employee Legal Issues Part 1* Part 2*2.0
LABC 4 FALL20Civil Rights Law*2.5
LABC 5 FALL20Free Expression*2.0
LABC 6 FALL20Data & Intellectual
LABC 7 FALL20Campus Safety*1.5
Academic Advisement
Legal & Title IX Training
FERPA PowerPoint
EEO & Title IX PowerPoint
Title IX Brochure
“Report It” Card 5×7
* Password-Protected

*All On-Demand videos are password-protected. Please complete a Legal Affairs Helpdesk ticket or call the office @ 912-478-7481 for access.

Last updated: 4/26/2021