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Cultural Competence and Diversity Education

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The Office of Multicultural Affairs offers presentations that enhance diversity competencies, which can be used to contribute to an inclusive and equitable society. The presentations are facilitated by our office’s professional staff with assistance from our Inclusive Excellence Ambassadors. We offer a variety of presentation options that are available upon request to classes, student organizations, and academic and professional departments.

Inclusive Excellence Ambassadors

Inclusive Excellence Ambassadors are student leaders who are trained to create dialogue about diversity related topics, facilitate education, programs, and outreach activities related to social justice and identity, increase students’ awareness and cultural competence, and provide opportunities to develop effective cross-cultural communication skills.

D.I.F. Conference

The D.I.F. (Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness) Conference seeks to create an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to openly talk, listen and learn about issues related to diversity, inclusion and fairness.

Last updated: 12/21/2021