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Mission, Goals and Values


The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to contribute to an inclusive learning environment by supporting the institutions efforts to retain and graduate students prepared for a diverse global society. We provide mentorship opportunities, deliver diversity education and inclusion training, celebrate the cultural diversity of all students, and advocate for underrepresented groups in the Georgia Southern University community guided by the University mission and CAS standards.


The goals of the Office of Multicultural Affairs are to:

  • Provide mentoring programs that encourage the successful transition of minority high school students through their first year of college experience.
  • Develop and coordinate programs and services to support the retention, progression and graduation of minority/underrepresented students.
  • Offer students from diverse populations a welcoming environment and connections to campus resources.
  • Deliver training and resources to address discrimination, bias, misconceptions, and stereotypes.
  • Collaborate with faculty, other student service units, and recognized student organizations to provide programming specific to cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Produce programs and activities intended to raise multicultural awareness and appreciation of diversity across the campus, and to increase the cultural competence of all students.


Our core values form the foundation of our work and conduct. They describe our belief system that serves as the integral foundation of our mission. They will help to guide us in making critical decisions and reflect our commitments to our stakeholders.


Celebrate – We promote a welcoming environment that encourages individuality and supports mutual respect.

Advocacy – We provide a platform for progressive actions towards the awareness of social justice through programs and initiatives that are supportive of a diverse, inclusive community.

Respect – We recognize the unique contributions of every student and their role in building an inclusive and equitable society.

Equity – We respect the dignity of each individual and encourage the ethical and equitable treatment of all members of our community.

Student Success – We encourage academic achievement, personal development, accountability, which promotes life-long learning.

Last updated: 12/21/2021