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Sisters with Vision

Sisters With Vision (SWV) is a mentoring and student success program that focuses on providing co-curricular support to students who identify as African-American women. The goal of SWV is to enhance retention, progression, and graduation (RPG) by creating a culture of academic achievement and success throughout students’ matriculation. This is achieved through programming, mentoring, and other initiatives that support healthy identity development, academic and social support, and professional and personal development.

The program seeks to provide or create access to the following:

  • Celebration and elevation of students who identify as Black women.
  • Academic support that considers cultural and other intersecting identities.
  • Culturally aware group, peer-to-peer, academic, and professional mentoring.
  • Holistic wellness support that is identity relevant.
  • Leadership development through organization style structure and other leadership development initiatives.
  • A community of students, staff, and faculty that identify with and or strongly support Black women identities.

SWV is on the Armstrong and Statesboro campus. To join click this link for Statesboro, and click this link to join Armstrong.

Last updated: 8/22/2022