Strategic Planning

Georgia Southern University

Strategic Planning & Vision

At Georgia Southern University, strategic planning is the process by which the institution sets its vision, defines its mission, and articulates a strategy for achieving these goals consistent with the values of the institution. Key among these values are transparency and inclusiveness in the planning process.

Periodically, the University’s leadership convenes to discuss and develop action items that advance the University’s vision and goals. The deans and department chairs share these action steps with faculty, staff, and students for review and comment. Study teams are formed and charged with moving specific action items forward. These teams consist of faculty, staff, and, where appropriate, students. All constituencies are welcome and encouraged to participate in the University’s planning process.

Evidence of Strategic Planning

  • Based upon Georgia Southern’s new Mission Statement, SWOT analyses were prepared by all Colleges, the Faculty Senates, Student Government Associations, and administrative units
  • Dr. Jaimie Hebert appointed a Strategic Planning Committee in February to draft Values and Priorities statements to aid the planning process. The committee included faculty, staff and students from all campuses and was chaired by Dr. Rob Pirro, former Faculty Senate President.
  • Feedback on Values and Priorities Statements was solicited through public forums held on all campuses and through electronic survey responses throughout April 2018.
  • Dr. Pirro submitted a final draft to Dr. Hebert and his staff for approval on June 1. The final draft was also approved by Interim President Shelley Nickel.
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