Strategic Planning
Georgia Southern University

Strategic Planning Process

To: Helen Bland, Co-Chair, Julie Gerbsch, Co-Chair

From: Shelley C. Nickel, President

We are now entering the inaugural year of the fully consolidated Georgia Southern University, and it is an exciting time in our history. The University is at a pivotal moment in determining our future. One of the best ways to envision this future is through the strategic planning process, by defining our goals and steps needed to achieve the vision. Thank you for agreeing to facilitate the strategic planning process as co-chairs of the Strategic Planning Committee.

As co-chairs, your charge is as follows:

  • To form the Strategic Planning Committee in coordination with the Provost;
  • To convene and co-chair the Strategic Planning Committee;
  • To convene sub-committees as needed;
  • To develop the strategic planning process and format for the plan;
  • To establish a timeline for deliverables;
  • To develop a strategic plan that will serve as the basis for individual units of the campus community to develop operational plans; and
  • To develop a communication plan to keep the University community informed.

Dr. Carl Reiber, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, will be your point of contact, providing guidance and support to you and the committee.

In preparation for the work, the committee needs to review several documents to include the USG Strategic Plan, the USG College 2025 Report, the SWOT analyses completed by different campus groups, the university’s Mission Statement, and the university’s Statement of Strategic Values and Priorities. The committee’s work will be inclusive engaging on-campus and off-campus constituents via focus groups, town hall meetings, and other methods deemed appropriate. Regular updates to the campus community as well as the President’s Cabinet are expected. As the committee builds a timetable for deliverables, it needs to accommodate the date of May 3, 2019, for dissemination of a final document.

The strategic plan for Georgia Southern University will enable us to set priorities and focus our energies and resources as we work toward common goals. The plan will provide guideposts to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of higher education as we work to achieve a vision that we have set for ourselves.

Again, thank you for agreeing to serve on this important university initiative.

c: Carl Reiber, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


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