Strategic Planning
Georgia Southern University

General Education Council


The General Education Council is charged with the following.

  1. Providing oversight of the delivery of General Education content at Georgia Southern University to include the following:
    • approving proposed General Education courses;
    • monitoring the delivery of General Education across the institution; and
    • ensuring that General Education meets University System of Georgia and Institutional needs.
  2. Enhancing campus understanding and delivery of General Education content by:
    • promoting campus dialogue on ways to improve General Education delivery.
  3. Overseeing assessment of General Education for program improvement by:
    • establishing assessment priorities and practices for General Education;
    • establishing methods for ongoing General Education assessment;
    • performing assessment of General Education on a 3 year cycle;
    • establishing data gathering for General Education; and
    • developing and implementing action plans to improve General Education learning.
  4. Responding to institutional reporting requests from:
    • Georgia Southern University entities (e.g., Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Committee, Faculty Senate);
    • the University System of Georgia; and
    • accreditation bodies (e.g., SACS).
  5. Establishing and communicating policies and practices for the oversight of General Education at Georgia Southern University to include the following:
    • creating policies and practices necessary for the efficient and effective delivery of General Education at Georgia Southern University;
    • obtaining approvals for General Education, as appropriate, from the Office of Academic Affairs, University Undergraduate Committee, Faculty Senate, University System of Georgia; and
    • assuring publications related to General Education are accurate and current.
  6. Recommending, as necessary, changes to the current General Education program to better meet student needs as indicated by ongoing assessment findings.

Kathy Albertson (Provost’s Office)
Heidi Altman (SAEM)
Amy Boyett (CHHS)
Erik Brooks (CLASS)
Michelle Cawthorn (COST)
Elizabeth Edwards (COE)
Lorraine Gilpin (COE)
Ellen Hendrix (Coordinator)
Barry Joyner (Core Curriculum Task Force)
Jody Langdon (CHHS)
Bridgett Lee (COST)
Bill Levernier (COBA)
Youming Li (CEIT)
John O’Malley (CEIT)
Hani Samawi (JPHCOPH)
Jake Simons (Chair)
Lisa Smith (LIB)
Caren Town (CLASS)
Stephen Zerwas (OIE)
Jian Zhang (JPHCOPH)


Last updated: 11/19/2013

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