Strategic Planning
Georgia Southern University

Institutional Effectiveness Steering Committee


The charge of the Institutional Effectiveness Steering Committee is to develop models and templates to guide the development of institutional effectiveness plans and receive and review such plans from academic departments and programs and from administrative units.

  1. Provide oversight of the institutional effectiveness activities at Georgia Southern University, including:
    • establishing institutional effectiveness processes and timelines;
    • establishing data gathering procedures for institutional effectiveness;
    • monitoring institutional effectiveness activities;
    • ensuring that institutional effectiveness activities meet institutional, University System of Georgia, and regional accreditation requirements;
    • creating processes to ensure implementation of institutional effectiveness activities; and
    • developing and implementing action plans to improve institutional effectiveness.
  2. Enhance campus understanding and delivery of institutional effectiveness by promoting campus dialogue on ways to improve institutional functions.
  3. Oversee regional accreditation activities by:
    • providing ongoing assessment of required accreditation activities;
    • ensuring that Georgia Southern University is prepared to respond to accreditation requirements;
    • organizing work related to SACS accreditation, including preparation for and writing of the SACS fifth year and decennial reports;
    • demonstrating that Georgia Southern University is in compliance with SACS Core Requirements and Comprehensive Standards; and
    • developing a Quality Enhancement Plan that builds on the strengths and core values of the institution.
  4. Ensure that Georgia Southern University can respond to institutional reporting requests from the University System of Georgia and accreditation bodies (e.g., SACS) as well as ensure that publications related to institutional effectiveness are accurate and current.
  5. Recommend, as necessary, changes to the strategic plan and institutional effectiveness plans to better meet Georgia Southern University’s mission.
  6. Align all of the above through the use of institutional effectiveness documentation approaches and other organizational tools.

Kathy Albertson (Provost’s Office)
Salinda Arthur (UA)
Jean Bartels (CHHS)
Steve Burrell (Information Technology Services)
Maura Copeland (Legal Affairs)
Ron Core (Finance and Business)
Candace Griffith (Provost’s Office)
Clara Krug (Faculty Senate Moderator)
Bede Mitchell (LIB)
William T. Moore (Chair)
Charles Patterson (COGS/Research)
Teresa Thompson (SAEM)
Stephen Zerwas (OIE)
Student Member (TBD)

  • August 2, 2011 (no minutes available)
  • September 19, 2011 (no minutes available)
  • November 1, 2011
  • December 8, 2011 (no minutes available)

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