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Taskforce for Online Learning and Services


The Taskforce for Online Learning and Services was charged by President Keel to recommend policies, develop capabilities and execute action plans that create scalable high-quality online learning programs and the services for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students with particular emphasis on bringing forth a bachelor of general studies program to serve non-traditional students.

The Online Taskforce provided a central coordination point and ushered many positive outcomes over two years. The University’s online education accomplishments during this time-period include:

  • A Bachelors of General Studies degree including a core general education suite upon which other undergraduate programs can be built upon.
  • Many new graduate programs, now totaling 25 fully online doctoral, specialist and masters programs and 3 blended delivery programs.
  • Increase in online courses offered during summer terms that help students continue their progression to graduation while away from campus.
  • Significant growth in the number of students in fully online, hybrid and partially online courses in both undergraduate and graduate level courses.
  • Hundreds of faculty participants in development of online pedagogy and course design through the Center for Online Learning.
  • New financial models for online programs.
  • Improved web-based information and administrative services for online learners.
  • Expanded help desk hours and administrative services to accommodate online learners.
  • Availability of new technologies for administering, servicing, and delivering online instruction.

In summary, the University has developed a solid base of online capabilities, experienced faculty, and practiced services putting us in a strong position for future steps and continued enhancement of online education. It is now prudent to integrate the conversation about online education with other academic and enrollment management discussions and plans.


Anthony Bretti (CE)
Velma Burden (Registrar’s Office)
Deborah Champion (Online Programs)
Ronald Core (Finance and Business)
Michael Deal (Registrar’s Office)
Pamela Deal (Information Technology Services)
Christian Flathman (Marketing and Communications)
Brooks Keel (President)
Christine Ludowise (CLASS)
Ted Moore (Academic Affairs)
Connie Murphey (Financial Aid)
Charles Patterson (COGS/Research)
William Powell (Online Programs)
Virginia Samiratedu (Academic Affairs)
Michael Smith (CLASS)
Sarah Smith (Admissions)
Kim Thompson Brown (Controller’s Office)
Teresa Thompson (SAEM)


Last updated: 1/10/2014

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