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Pathways to Success


As Georgia Southern University strives to achieve its strategic goal of becoming recognized as a Carnegie “high activity” research institution, we are challenged to do so in a manner that does not compromise our strong teaching mission or create a “second class faculty citizenry.” To this end, the Pathways to Success Study Team is charged with (1) developing a flexible, faculty workload model that allows faculty to select different career tracks at different points in their careers; (2) recommending new university policies or policy revisions needed to implement equitably a differential faculty teaching load model; and (3) recommending mechanisms for supporting faculty on different tracks, including teaching, research, service, and administration.

To ensure that the recommended differential faculty teaching load policy is effectively and fairly implemented, it is necessary to incorporate the various tracks into considerations for promotion and tenure. Therefore, the Pathways to Success Study Team is also charged with evaluating the need for (and potentially recommending a structure for) a university promotion and tenure review committee that would (1) review promotion and tenure dossiers at the university level and make recommendations to the President; (2) clarify university promotion and tenure criteria and ensure that departmental/college policies align with university and System expectations; and (3) recommend a university policy that distinguishes between promotion and tenure procedures and promotion and tenure criteria.

In carrying out its charge, the Pathways to Success Study Team should strive to be creative and open to change and innovation. The goal of the Team should be to recommend a faculty workload model that provides every faculty member with a “pathway to success,” while also furthering the University’s strategic vision of increasing research and creativity, maintaining a strong teaching ethos, and becoming one of the best comprehensive universities in the nation.


Deborah Allen (CHHS)
Tom Case (Department Chair Representative)
Robert Cook (CEIT)
Lori Gwinett (LIB)
Amy Hackney (CLASS)
Charles Hodges (COE)
Patricia Humphrey (COST)
Barbara Price (COBA)
Alison Scott (JPHCOPH)
Michael Smith (Dean, CLASS)
Timothy Teeter (Faculty Senator)
Mark Welford (Faculty Senator)


Last updated: 4/6/2018

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