Strategic Planning
Georgia Southern University

Carnegie Service & Community Engagement Steering Committee


The Carnegie Foundation defines the area of community engagement as the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional, state, national and global) for the mutual beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in the context of partnerships and reciprocity.

This committee is charged with ensuring that Georgia Southern’s documentation is extensive and substantive, and that we define, interpret, and respond to institutional identity and service and community engagement activities, on and off campus. The committee has been chosen with representative, active, experienced members who have a history of working together successfully.

Areas to be addressed are:

  • Assessment
      1. Accessing community perceptions of institutional engagement
      2. Tracking and recording of institution-wide engagement (on campus/off campus) data
      3. Assessment of the impact of community engagement on students, faculty, staff, community and institution
      4. Identification and assessment of student learning outcomes in curricular engagement on and off-campus
  • Reciprocal partnerships
      1. Initiate and nurture collaborative, two-way partnerships
      2. Develop ongoing strategies for systematic communication within those two-way partnerships
  • Faculty, staff, students
      1. Campus based and disciplined-based professional service
      2. Community service that ranges from volunteerism to consultation
  • Integration and alignment with other institutional initiatives
      1. First-year programs that include community engagement
      2. Learning communities in which community engagement is integrated into the design
      3. Diversity initiatives that explicitly link active and collaborative community based
Wendell Tompkins (Chair) Director, Alumni Relations/Annual Giving
Ted Moore Provost
Ron Core Vice President for Business & Finance
Teresa Thompson Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Jean Bartels Council of Deans
Tony Bretti Associate Vice President, Continuing Education
Dorsey Baldwin Staff Council
Clara Krug Faculty Senate
Brent Tharp Outreach Organizations (Museum)
Henry Whitfield Coastal Georgia Center
Christian Flathman Marketing & Communications
Russell Keen Government Relations
Simone Charles Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Michael Braz Retired Professor
Katherine Hilson Student Government Association

To be scheduled.

Last updated: 2/26/2014

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