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Tobacco-Free Campus Email Announcement

Georgia Southern University – a Tobacco-Free Campus

I am pleased to announce, based on a recommendation made by the Georgia Southern Tobacco-Free committee and approval by the President’s Cabinet, Georgia Southern University will be a tobacco-free campus effective August 1, 2014. This initiative is in compliance with the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia’s Tobacco Free Policy.

For these purposes, tobacco products are defined as cigars, cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes and other smoking devices such as vapor and electronic cigarettes.

Beginning August 1, the use of tobacco is prohibited in any area of the campus. This includes all indoors and outdoor areas that are owned and leased by the University, including but not limited to, all buildings and facilities, outdoor areas, stadiums, parking lots and vehicles on campus. 

This Tobacco-Free initiative applies to all persons present in the areas described above including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, contractors and their subcontractors and employees, spectators and visitors. All events hosted by the University shall be tobacco-free. All events hosted by outside groups on the University’s campus shall be tobacco-free.

To help with this transition, all ash urns will be removed throughout campus and will be replaced with signage to indicate that Georgia Southern is a tobacco-free campus.

We all know that change is not always easy, but this University System of Georgia policy change reinforces our commitment to preserving and improving the health and comfort of our students, faculty, staff and guests.

The commitment to a tobacco-free campus is a responsibility we all share together, whether you’re a tobacco user or not. For those of you who are tobacco users, the University is committed to providing you the appropriate resources. Additional communication and resources will be provided throughout the coming months.


Let’s make Georgia Southern an even better environment for learning, working and recreation by adhering to the new tobacco- free campus.

President Brooks A. Keel, Ph.D.

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